It’s A Needfest Miracle! Camp Dragon’s Holiday Adventures

As the holiday season sets in, once again the celebration of Needfest will grace the adventures found here at Camp Dragon Online! Your intrepid blogger, Bea Holder, sat down with DM Dan, Camp Dragon's chief DM to get the inside scoop on the Needfest adventures so far, as well as our brand new for the season Needfest 3: Merry Mischief to All. Somehow, I resisted the urge to ask why it's not "Needfest 2: Electric Boogaloo" and I hope you're proud.

Needfest: Cupcakes and Kindness

(Recommended for Levels 3-7) Join the priestess of Joy as you delve into Evermore's winter holiday!!

DM Dan says:

"Needfest 1 is a stimulating one-shot that encourages adventurers to try different solutions to deal with problems that cannot be solved via combat. That's not to say that action cannot be found! All types of heroes can shine in this holiday adventure!"

Needfest 2: Feast of Fools

(Recommended for Levels 8-15) Help Felix help others during the most magical time of the year!

From DM Dan:

"Our second entry, Needfest 2, also starts off with plenty of enjoyable social encounters and memorable characters, but it shines with the intriguing combat mechanics that some past players have likened to a dungeon or tower defense!"

Needfest 3: Merry Mischief to All!

(Recommended for Levels 18-20) Remember an old companion while dealing with a new holiday threat!

DM Dan's not-so-cagy take:

"Finally, Needfest 3 has yet to be experienced by players, but several Dungeon Masters have collaborated on designing the abilities of a certain spirit of greed. Not to spoil anything, but he really is a mean one…"

A Needfest Tradition

By now, it's probably painfully obvious that the DMs of Camp Dragon Online are committed to delivering amazing Needfest adventures to sate those "holiday one-shot" cravings! Check out our current games on offer HERE to find the perfect session for your holiday schedule.