Creating Your D&D Character

One of the most fun parts of Dungeons and Dragons is role-playing your character, but what character will you create? We've included some tips that can act as a guide as you figure out how to make a D&D character that's the right fit for you. We'll provide you some D&D character ideas along with some other key things to think about before you start your Creation Session.

What Race Are You Going to Choose?

The first thing to consider when you create your own D&D character is race. But it's important to remember your character selection of Race is not your character's personality. However, it is important for your appearance and abilities. Choosing a half-orc might give you all the power you need, but it might be harder to blend into the background of a gnome village. Halflings are a tremendous amount of fun to play, but terrible in a pick-up basketball game against the Dragonborn team.

Regardless of your choice, Race does not determine who you are as a person, just like in real life.

Do you have Class?

If you don't have class…… you're about to. A Class is essentially your calling.

For example: Monk, Bard, Wizard… those are very different careers and will greatly affect how you interact with the world.

Pro Tip: Everyone loves a healer

Ability Scores: Test your might, er, Strength!

Camp Dragon uses the "Standard Array" method of ability scores. What this means is you can pick what you're high in and what you're low in. You'll get 6 numbers [15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8], if you pick 15 for strength, you can't pick 15 again. Keep in mind something has to be an 8.

Don't fade into the Background

Your character will get to choose a Background. This can be a little confusing if you've never done it. Your Background helps to get your backstory jump-started! Essentially, there is a list of generic background types. You can choose one or customize your own.

This is a good time to mention that because of the nature of how we play D&D, everyone needs to be Neutral or Good alignment. This prevents killing the camper playing the bard to obtain his golden flute.

Pro Tip: When writing your background, remember to avoid things that might be triggering for others in the community.

Equipment: What's in YOUR inventory?

Everyone has to choose Class Equipment in this section and nobody starts with Gold. However, gold is earned during missions and can be spent anytime at the Gold Store.

Spells: Yer a wizard, Har-oh wait, you're actually a Sorcerer

This can be a super fun component as you figure out the process of how to make a D&D character... But only if you understand the Arcane. So pick your Class appropriately. Wizards know spells, but they can't punch like a Barbarian.


No Feats in Season One! Sorry, variant humans.


Finally, a section you know, even if you're a newb! Height, eye color, you get it!

With a hop, skip, and a twirl of your Dwarven mustache, you will have created a D&D character! Don't worry, you're not married to your character! You can have more than one saved on the website, you just need to sign up for a character creation session again. We always recommend having two different characters you can play.