Camp Dragon Quest Atlas

One of the most common player questions is, “Where do I start?” All new players should start with a Free Character Creation Session, because it’s hard to play D&D, without a character. We also offer “Origins” with and without a Character Creation Session Included.

At Camp Dragon we have level recommendations on all our games, so if you meet the level, you will be fine playing in the game. Our Quests all exist in the same world and have a through-line narrative, however players find it easy to jump around without much confusion. For players that prefer to move in a straight story arc we recommend attending a weekly game and your DM will move in the order the writers intended. If you are trying to make up a missed quest use our handy Quest Atlas to discern the order of the games.


(Excludes Special Event Quests)

Origins/Princess Amal/Lost Girl in the Woods

(These first Quests gets you from Level 1 to Level 2, so start with one of them!)

The Original Installment

Always Room for Gelatinous Cube, Lesser Evils, The Villagers May or May Not be Being Eaten

(These three can be done in any order)

Witch Way

The “Curse” Installment

You Meet in a Tavern

The Curse of Evermore


Don’t Drink the Water Pt. 1

Don’t Drink the Water Pt 2

The Search for Zevaria

The Scepter of Endguard


Under Bloodborn’s Boot


Oath of the Wood Elves Pt. 1

Oath of the Wood Elves Pt. 2

Oath of the Wood Elves Pt. 3

Saving Zevaria

Clay Day

Oh, The Horror!

The Final Piece Pt. 1

The Final Piece Pt. 2

Things Just Got Weird

The Devil You Know Pt. 1

The Devil You Know Pt. 2

Everything’s Coming Together Pt. 1

Everything’s Coming Together Pt. 2


The Water Way

Under the Empire of....

Stay Tuned for our Next Installment.