The Factions of Planescape: An Eccentric’s Guide to Multiversal Powerhouses

You've finally made it to the wondrous and weird multiverse of Planescape, filled to the brim with infinite possibilities and a myriad of factions to encounter. While the sights are grand and the architecture might make your head spin (literally), the real fun begins when you dive headfirst into the city's factional politics. But before you join any faction (or get on their bad side), it's crucial to understand who these power players are and what they stand for. Brace yourself; it's going to be a wild ride!

The Athar (The Defiers, The Lost)

Known as the party-poopers of the divine world, the Athar denounce the gods as frauds, clinging to their belief that there's an "Unknown God" out there. Their leader, the charismatic and elusive Factol Terrance, is as enigmatic as the faction's belief, always seen pondering upon the nature of divinity while stirring up a hornet's nest in divine circles.
"In Planescape, you learn to question everything, even divinity itself," quips veteran DM, Jack. "And the Athar? They take it to a whole new level!"

The Believers of the Source (Godsmen)

This optimistic lot believes that each life is a test, and if you pass, you'll ascend to become a god. Factol Ambar Vergrove, a charismatic smith, stokes the fires of potential in her followers, making this faction quite popular among the starry-eyed.
"I had a player join the Godsmen," recalls DM Rachel, "they started seeing every setback as a divine test. It added a beautiful layer to the character's growth."

The Bleak Cabal (Bleakers, Madmen)

You could think of them as nihilistic philosophers - they believe that life has no purpose. Factol Lhar, an affable fellow despite his bleak outlook, maintains a grip on sanity while the faction runs Sigil's insane asylum.
"I once played a Bleaker Bard," reminisces player, Mike. "In a universe where existential crises are a daily routine, the comic relief was golden!"

The Doomguard (Sinkers)

These are the hardcore environmentalists of entropy, relishing in the decay of all things. Factol Pentar, a razorvine wine aficionado, leads this bunch, keen on proving that everything (including your favorite tavern) is destined to fall apart.
"As a DM, the Doomguard is a joy," says Sophie. "Their love for decay sets the stage for spectacular disasters!"

The Fated (Takers, The Heartless)

They're the survival of the fittest crowd, believing you've got every right to what you can claim. Sharp-witted Factol Duke Rowan Darkwood embodies their philosophy, proving that a keen mind can indeed reap great rewards.
"The Fated challenge the traditional notions of morality," DM Lucas states. "In the hands of a creative player, a Taker character can be fascinatingly complex."

But that’s not all! In our next post, we’ll explore seven more factions. Each faction offers a unique philosophical twist, presenting a delightful challenge to players and a veritable toybox of plot hooks for Dungeon Masters. Remember, in Planescape, it's not just what you stand for, it's who you stand with that counts!