The Factions of Planescape: An Eccentric’s Guide to the Other Multiversal Powerhouses

If you thought Planescape was done astounding you with its factional diversity, you were, as they say, quite plane-wrong. As we delve deeper into the maze of factional politics, prepare yourself for even more eccentric, mind-bending philosophies that twist the realms of the conventional and make a limbo dance seem like a walk in the park. Now, onto the next set of factions in our extraordinary journey!

The Fraternity of Order (Guvners)

Obsessed with laws, these folks believe understanding the laws of the multiverse grants them power over it. Factol Hashkar, a gnome with an obsession for fine print, leads this faction, often seen buried under a mountain of law scrolls.
"Running a Guvner in my campaign was a real challenge," shares DM Emma, "They turned every mission into a legal debate – talk about an unexpected twist!"

The Free League (Indeps)

Freedom is their mantra, and this group of anarchists, lone wolves, and everyone in-between despise being labeled a faction. Technically, there is no official leader, but 'patron' Krokar often becomes a spokesperson by default.
"Playing an Indep is a true liberation," says player Alex, "No agenda, no rules, just pure, unadulterated freedom. It’s D&D at its finest."

The Harmonium (Hardheads)

They dream of universal peace, even if it means enforcing it. Factol Sarin, a paladin with an iron will, leads the Hardheads, tirelessly preaching his vision of a harmonious multiverse.
"The Harmonium can be antagonists or allies, depending on your perspective," muses DM Oliver. "Their 'peace at all costs' motto certainly keeps the players on their toes!"

The Mercykillers (Red Death)

Justice is their obsession, and they believe in punishing the guilty without any mercy. Their leader, Factol Nilesia, is as stern as they come, ensuring no crime goes unpunished.
"Playing a Mercykiller was intense," admits player Lily. "My character's zeal for justice brought about some heavy moral dilemmas."

The Revolutionary League (Anarchists)

The iconoclasts of Planescape, they aim to dismantle the current power structure. All of it. Their shadowy 'leader', known only as 'The Unknown One', embodies the spirit of rebellion.
"An Anarchist in the party really shakes things up," says DM Ethan. "Their plots against the status quo keep the story fresh and exciting."

The Sign of One (Signers)

The Signers believe that each person is the center of their own reality. Factol Darius, a man with a flair for the dramatic, leads them with a (possibly delusional) belief in the power of individuality.
"My Signer character was a hit," player Hannah laughs, "It was like playing D&D with a dash of lucid dreaming. We shaped the world as we went along!"

The Society of Sensation (Sensates)

These hedonists believe that accumulating experiences is the key to enlightenment. Factol Erin Montgomery, a human bard with a lust for life, embodies this faction's mantra of 'experience is everything'.
"As a Sensate, the campaign becomes a sensorial feast," enthuses player Josh. "Every flavor, every sound, every texture becomes a quest in itself."

There you have it! The full, unabridged, wry and slightly off-kilter guide to all the factions of Planescape. Remember, in the fantastical multiverse, your choices matter, and each faction offers unique gameplay and roleplay experiences. So, choose wisely, and may your adventures be plane-tastic!