Where there is always Time for a Game.

Camp Dragon Online makes playing Dungeons and Dragons easy. Pick a time slot and we pair you with a group and one of our Professional Dungeon Masters for an epic D&D online gaming experience.

No Organizing

No Waiting.

Dungeons and Dragons games when YOU want to Play.

What is Camp Dragon?

Camp Dragon Online, formerly Camp D&D Online, is where you can play a game of Dungeons and Dragons when YOU want! Professional actors with years of Dungeon Master experience guide you through a rehearsed and cleverly written campaign. We immerse you in the action and use custom video to bring you further into the story. We take everything you love about Dungeons and Dragons and use Zoom and Roll20.net to bring it to you in a unique virtual tabletop format.

Always a Great Time

Take your campaign to the next level with Camp Dragon. Our professional dungeon masters (DMs) will run an epic game filled with ALL the excitement, ALL the battles, and ALL the laughs of a traditional D&D quest, but you can enjoy ALL of it from your couch.

  • Pick a time slot (Just You or a Group). Could be in days, could be in minutes.
  • Play an amazing quest run by a professional Dungeon Master (starts on time, won't be canceled).
  • Your character, loot, and accomplishments are all saved on the website.

Professional Dungeon Masters

Our Dungeon Masters have years of experience in both bringing characters to life and navigating the mechanics of an online D&D game. They are masters of their craft and encouraging to new players.

Campaigns that start on time

Punctuality is the name of the game. Playing D&D online games means no more waiting another half an hour for your game to start playing! You have dragons to slay after all!

Reliable Technology that works

Using tested and reliable platforms like Zoom and Roll20, our Dungeon Masters are well-versed in delivering the latest and greatest online experiences.

Satisfying campaign with epic endings.

Our campaigns are designed to immerse you in fantastic worlds and embroil you in rich storylines. From official content to homebrew modules, whatever your taste, we’ve got the flavor.